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Thank you for visiting the L’s Kitchen. We offer personal chef services, cooking classes, food photography and of course, catering! Contact us at 917-960-8175 or email today


Why Choose L’s Kitchen?

Nothing makes me happier than to introduce others to the world of healthier eating through delicious spa cuisine.

 My clients include:

  • Busy professionals and family caregivers
  • Families with diverse palates and tastes
  • People with food allergies, including gluten, soy, dairy and tree-nut

I collaborate with my clients to create the right meal plan best suited for them.

All you have to do is “Go to L” … L’s Kitchen!


So what made you decide to become a chef?

I became a chef as a tribute to my mother, Arlene Rubin. In 2006, Mom lost a horrific battle with ovarian/breast cancer, or more specifically, from the side effects of chemotherapy which left her unable to swallow food (the only suggestion her doctors gave was to come into the hospital for intravenous solutions). The worst part of watching her struggle with this ordeal, was the helplessness my entire family and I felt from not knowing how to alleviate her suffering.

After Mom’s passing, I vowed to find a way to honor her memory. In 2007, I learned about the website for the Natural Gourmet Culinary Institute (a culinary school in Manhattan) which teaches people how to cook for individuals suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, food allergies and more. I quickly registered for the program so that I could finally learn what foods could have helped Mom. I graduated from their Chef Training Program in May 2008 with the intention of preparing meals solely for family and friends, but I was quickly overcome by the desire to cook for anyone and everyone! My favorite part of every meal I cook (and every class I teach) is how I’m able to help others become happier, healthier, and more energized.

I’m most proud when I help my clients realize that healthy eating can be both fun and satisfying!


What is your favorite type of cuisine?

I’m proud to say that I truly don’t know! I have so much fun making new dishes for clients that my discoveries quickly become my new favorites! But most recently, I’m on a big Moroccan cuisine kick! I love working with the exciting array of spices!


Are you a nutritionist?

I earned my Culinary Nutrition certification from the Natural Gourmet Culinary Institute in December of 2014. Culinary Nutritionists are not licensed (we are not dietitians) but we are fully qualified to create customized and balanced meal plans with specific health conditions in mind, develop recipes/cookbooks, assist in research on food/nutrition topics, and much more. Thanks to my training, I’m now well-versed in creating menus (for both families and restaurants) which contain carefully considered food pairings for optimal nutritional health.


What do you like do on your time off?

I absolutely love NYC! I love learning everything I can about the history of this incredible city and then sharing the learned information with friends, family and anyone else who will listen (Be sure to ask me about Grand Central Terminal!)

I also love going to theatrical events and museums. One of my absolute favorite theater moments was when I saw James Spader in the David Mamet play “Race.” I’m a big James Spader fan and I lucked out when I was able to get a ticket for front row center. When it came time for the ovations, James was standing on the stage directly in front of me. I stood and cheered and applauded as loud as I could and James looked at me, smiled and applauded right back at me! When the curtain closed, people around me asked how long I had known James Spader and I told them that I don’t know him! They said they were really surprised because of how he acknowledged me! It was truly a very special moment. I was so excited to call people and tell them about it that I completely forgot to wait by the stage door to try to get his autograph! I’m still not sure what I would have said to him, but I’m certain, that when he returns to Broadway someday, that I will think up something brilliant then!

I also love telling (and hearing) silly puns. 🙂