As I close out the month of April and look towards May, I have made some decisions about how I’m going to move forward with approaching how I deal with the loss of my Mom and for once, I won’t be turning to food for solace!

May is a very tough month, emotionally. Mom’s birthday is right at the beginning and then a week later is Mother’s Day. I miss Mom terribly on a daily basis and as if I needed the reminder, we start getting inundated with tons of “Don’t Forget Your Mom on Mother’s Day” ads for several weeks prior. Another thing that happens in May: Baskin-Robbins releases Baseball Nut™ ice cream — Mom’s favorite. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed scoops of it … “for Mom.” While riding home on the subway today, I remembered that the Baskin-Robbins near my stop is now offering the flavor and I decided I’d go and enjoy a scoop … okay two (who am I kidding) “for Mom.”

So it immediately occurred to me, “why must I only turn to food to do something for Mom?” If Mom was visiting me in the city right now, I’d be taking her to a Broadway show, the Tenement Museum, Central Park, or pointing out all of the great trivia throughout Grand Central Terminal. So many great activities came to mind immediately that didn’t involve sitting and indulging in food. Sadly, Mom’s not here to do any of that with; however, I’ve decided that instead of sitting and eating a delicious-yet-empty-calorie-laden dessert, I’m going to wander the Whitney Art Museum, which I haven’t visited here yet, for Mom instead. It’s going to be a special new way to honor her and I’m going to visit a different museum every year. I feel like I’ve just greatly expanded my horizons … instead of my waistline!

As Mother’s Day approaches, I wish you, my wonderful reader a beautiful day reflecting either with or about your Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Sister and any other great women who have touched your life.