Rose CupcakeIn June 2013, I decided to take a cake decorating class. Several years prior, my sister Judy taught me how to decorate cakes, but I decided to take a class to fine-tune my techniques, such as creating roses. Plus, where better to be in the hot, humid New York summer than inside a wonderfully air-conditioned room where neither I, nor the newly decorated treats, could wilt!

A week or two after the class started my very dear friend, Bryan, asked me to be his “best groomswoman” for his August wedding in Vegas. He said that he and his groomsmen would be wearing grey tuxedos and it would be great if I wanted to wear a matching tuxedo or I could choose to wear a grey dress. In hindsight, purchasing a grey dress would have been the easiest choice, but I don’t always opt for the easiest choices. I wanted to fit in as well as possible with the rest of the groomsmen, so I decided to try the tux.

I went to the store and tried on the tux (FYI: the red shoes are just for heel height– they aren’t  intended to be part of the outfit!)Tux

However, after trying it on, I decided I didn’t like the fit and thought to myself, “I bet I can find a matching skirt! How hard could this be?” Little did I know that my quest for a skirt would turn into a crazy but fun adventure through New York City.

The tuxedo was a pretty straight-forward suit so I figured that there must be dresses made with the same material.

I researched several options including bridal shops and department stores, to no avail. I then called the designer’s corporate office to find out where I could purchase the skirt. They informed me that there wasn’t a matching skirt.

Undaunted, I pushed on and decided to ask for a swatch of the tuxedo fabric from the tuxedo shop but, unfortunately, the company denied my request. I then went to all of their locations throughout New York City and was told the same thing … until one fateful day when my baking skills and my crazy quest collided.

Full Sized CakeMy decorating assignment on that particular day was to decorate a full-sized cake:

There was a tuxedo shop right down the street from where the class was held and, although I had already been unsuccessful there, I decided to revisit on the chance that I might find someone to help me. After decorating the cake, I put it in a bakery box and proceeded to the store. When I arrived, I put the box on the counter and a salesperson quickly came over asking,, “Is there a cake in there?” I replied, “Yes! I just baked it and decorated it and it’s all yours if you can give me a swatch of fabric.”

I explained the situation and, within five minutes, I had my swatch and he had his cake!

I brought the swatch over to B&J Fabrics in the Fashion District. They were very helpful and, within a short time, they found fabric that closelyWedding Party matched. I then took the fabric to a very talented tailor named Jasmin, who made the skirt, while the tuxedo shop tailored the jacket for me. Both pieces turned out looking great and I headed to Las Vegas to proudly stand by my dear friend on his wedding day!

Was it worth it? Absolutely! Especially when I was able to witness my normally very composed friend become giddy the moment he saw his bride!

Moral of the story: Where there’s a will, there’s a way … The next time you’re not getting the help that you need, try offering a tempting option and voila! … you’ll have sweet success!

Brian & jurgita

Photo courtesy of Karen Siebel Sislow, Facebook

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Bryan & Jurgita!!