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Personal Chef

Just wanted to let you know the spaghetti squash and ratatouille were to die for! And that’s extra special coming from me because I’m really not a veggie person.” ~ L.H.”

“Soooo delicious! It’s my favorite meal in the world!” – C. Q.

“I do very much appreciate the gracious and kind extensions of your time and effort…” ~ J. M.

“LINDA!!! The meal WAS FANTASTIC.So flavorful, so fresh!!” ~ K. J.

“Linda, to paraphrase Tony The Tiger, the food was GRRRRREAT!” ~ P. D.

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“Just wanted to thank you for the real delicious dinner. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and all your gracious effort. You are the BEST!!!!! Thank you again and again!!” ~ R. M.

“Thanks again for your graceful presence and spectacular feast!” ~ D. P.

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Cooking Classes

“I would like to thank you again for such a wonderful meeting. You truly went above and beyond in every way. I know that everyone in the group was just thrilled with the demo, and I know that everyone learned something! Individuals who were so resistant to cooking are planning to cook!” ~ E. K.

“I still can’t believe my husband made such a yummy meal! Our 6-year old devoured the carrot soup and said it tasted like we were at a restaurant!” ~ D. M.

“Everyone loved (the class)! They had such a great time. Thank you for working so hard. I hope you slept in today!” ~ H. K.

“I’ve had quite a few lessons with Linda. I look forward to each one (and so does my husband). I can’t recommend her highly enough. It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself and the ones you love.” ~ G. S.

“I was given a cooking lesson by my husband (fiancé at the time) as part of my birthday gift last year. Maybe he was trying to tell me something? I’m not much of a cook, so I gladly went. I couldn’t believe how much I learned in just a few hours. Linda explains everything as she goes. I can now finally cook a steak for my husband. There are so many things that I can now make that I never imagined I in particular could do.” ~ J. C.

“Linda makes it fun and easy to follow. She also makes herself available for questions after the fact and will give you all the recipes you’ve made, so you can easily repeat them. Most importantly, she will customize what you cook and what she teaches you according to your personal dietary needs.”  ~ M. M.

Please email Chef Linda or call 917-960-8175 to talk about classes and events.


Food Photography

“Sending some literature out to print today, with one of your photos! Your photos were great and you were a pleasure to work with!” ~ S. S.

Please email Chef Linda or call 917-960-8175 to discuss your project. View samples here.


Lil' Leenie's Raisin' the Bars & Cookies

“We enjoyed Lil’ Leenie’s Raisin’ The Bars and Biscotti while driving through Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Tomorrow we can enjoy them leaving Indiana and will have some in Chicago! Turns out they work great for our lunches on the road unless we wanted to get off the ‎main route and lose time.” ~ J. Z.

“My husband ate the L’s Kitchen Energy Bars before his 30-mile bike ride and they kept him full and satisfied for the entire trip!” ~ A. D.

“The Energy Bars from L’s Kitchen are Awesome!!! They curb hunger and enable me to skip a meal (along with unnecessary calories that kept me from losing weight) without feeling hungry until the next meal time…my assistant likes them and I’m thinking of getting her a batch, too!” ~ Z. S.

To order Lil’ Leenie’s Raisin’ the Bars and/or Biscotti, please email Chef Linda or call 917-960-8175 or visit Mr. Vino’s Cucina in Forest Hills, Queens.