L’s Kitchen has catered a wide variety of events, including:

~Corporate Galas

~Fashion Shows

~Fundraising Events

~Health & Wellness Presentations

What sets L’s Kitchen apart from other caterers?
L’s Kitchen prepares nearly everything from scratch, which guarantees that your guests get the most flavorful, scrumptious meals without tons of extra salt, fats, sugars and mystery food preservatives. A guest at a fashion show summed it best when she said, “You mean we can actually EAT the food and don’t just have to look at it? Wow! What a treat!”

What size event do you typically cater?
L’s Kitchen has catered events that range in size from six to six hundred guests!

Do you cater only in NYC?
L’s Kitchen caters in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as New York and New Jersey.

Do you offer Kosher catering?
L’s Kitchen offers Kosher-style catering but is not a Kosher kitchen.

Please email Chef Linda or call 917-960-8175 to talk about your next event.